Withings Pulse O2

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The Withings Pulse O2 can clip onto your clothing or can be worn around your wrist. The Withings Pulse O2 can tell you steps walked, feet climbed, distance traveled and calories burned. Slide your finger across the touch screen display to view the past 10 days of activity and get motivated to beat your previous records. Your data is wirelessly transmitted through your smartphone to your Withings account. You can view your data via Withings Health Mate app or the Withings web dashboard. The Withings Pulse O2 has a long lasting rechargeable battery, lasting up to two weeks. Additionally, the device can be charged by a common micro-USB cable. An optical sensor on the back of the tracker allows you to measure your heart rate and blood oxygen level at any time.

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Fun Feature

Receive personalized education on how to improve your health data.

What we wish it had

We found that the clip for the tracker can become loose after a few weeks of wear.

Compatible with

iOS, Android

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