Pebble Time

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The Pebble Time is the follow-up to Pebble’s aptly named smartwatch, the Pebble. The Pebble Time features a number of improvements over the original Pebble, which include a color screen, water resistance and a microphone. An updated version of the Pebble operating system (OS) is included with a default Pebble Health app that tracks steps and sleep, eliminating the need to find a tracking app via Pebble’s app store. Similar to the original Pebble, the Time’s battery will last a full week on a single charge.

There are three versions of the Pebble Time currently available. The standard Pebble Time, the first to launch in this series, has a rubber wristband and typically sells for $199. The Pebble Time Steel offers a steel wristband and 10 days of battery life for an additional $50. The latest version is the Pebble Time Round, which features a round watch face, to match the appearance of a typical watch; the Round version has a price of $249, similar to the Pebble Time Steel.

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Fun Feature

The microphone in the Pebble Time allows you to use voice commands through the watch instead of your phone. Disclosure: We at Wellocracy cannot be responsible for the eyebrows you’ll raise while talking to your watch in public!

What we wish it had

More options when it comes to actual fitness apps. While the apps currently available work well for those looking for something very easy to use, fitness enthusiasts may feel that the Pebble Time’s app choices aren’t enough for them.

Compatible with

All iOS devices running iOS 8 & newer; all Android devices running Android 4.3 & newer. Requires the Pebble Time app; note that some Pebble watch faces and apps can cost more for extra features.

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