Nuband Activ+

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The Activ+ is currently the top offering from Nuband, and is essentially the younger sibling to their original fitness tracker, the aptly named Nuband. The updated Activ+ has the usual features we’ve come to expect from fitness trackers: activity tracking, sleep tracking, a battery that lasts about a week and a bit of water resistance for those rainy days. The Activ+ also has a display that is very easy to read and navigate, and the band itself is quite sturdy.

While the Activ+ band works well, we found in our testing that the companion app could use a little tweaking. While the app has a few nice features, such as the goal tracking and sports guides, it didn’t work most of the time in our tests. There were multiple times when the Activ+ wouldn’t automatically sync and needed to be manually synced. The app itself also defaults to metric units, and can only be changed to imperial units once you’ve accessed the settings menu. While the Activ+ is a good band for the price, the app needs a bit of work to really let the hardware shine.

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Fun Feature

The sports guides and goal tracking are great features to help keep you motivated!

What we wish it had

The app could do with a color change – the lime green display on a white background is very difficult to read, regardless of lighting.

Compatible with

iOS 7.1 and later, Android 4.3 and later.

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