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The Moov Now is the second iteration of the Moov tracker and improves upon its first design in many ways. The most noticeable improvement comes with the new Moov app, which now combines each of the individual workout apps into one clean package. Many of the specific workout routines remain the same; however, they now all contain intensity options, videos and step-by-step coaching. Similar to many running apps, the Moov app tends to lean more toward high-intensity interval training. While many trackers typically track distance and steps, Moov primary tracks active minutes, so keep this in mind when considering a tracker.

The Moov Now’s updated hardware really helps to set itself apart from other activity trackers. Instead of opting for a solid band, the Moov Now’s porous band prevents sweat from building up under it. The tracker itself now also uses a watch battery as opposed to a rechargeable battery – this allows it to last for six months without the user needing to worry about recharging. Similar to the Moov, the Moov Now is also completely waterproof, which allows it to be used for swimming and in unfavorable weather.

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Fun Feature

Cardio Boxing and 7+ Minute Workout still continue to be some of the most fun exercise options in the world of tracking.

What we wish it had

The only thing the Moov app could truly expand upon is the catalog of exercises available to track – we would love to see something for strength training in the future!

Compatible with

iPhone 4S and later; iPad 3 and later; Android 4.3 (for legacy Moov apps); Android 4.4 (for the current all-in-one Moov app)

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