Jawbone Up3

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The Up3, along with the new Up4, are Jawbone’s current high-end activity trackers. The Up3 contains almost every feature available in the Up2 – activity tracking, sleep tracking and a display that features the same three icons. However, the Up3 is, surprisingly, no longer considered fully waterproof due to the five new metal contacts built into the band. These metal contacts allow the Up3 to track your heart rate, a new feature. The Up3 costs $179.99, $80 more than the Up2, but adds only one major feature and loses the ability to remain waterproof.

The Up3 heart rate tracking feature is similar to its earlier version, Jawbone, which will only allow you to accurately measure your resting heart rate but this feature is very limited; the Up3 will only measure resting heart rate during periods of sleep. While the Jawbone companion app, Up, is still very strong in other areas, it doesn’t seem to do much with the heart rate information.

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Fun Feature

The Jawbone Up4, the sister device to the Up3, allows users to make payments right from their wrist!

What we wish it had

Two things come to mind very quickly: the price and waterproofing. At $180, the Up3 is more expensive than most competitive devices with heart rate tracking. The lack of waterproofing prevents tracking any water-based exercising.

Compatible with

iPhone 4s and later models; Android devices running Android 4.3 and later

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