Fitbit Alta

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The Fitbit Alta is a minor update to a previous Fitbit iteration, the Charge. With a similar price point of $129.95, the Alta has features identical to the Charge, such as activity tracking, automatic sleep tracking and Bluetooth alerts. But, the Alta does not include the ability to track stairs climbed and has no option for a heart rate monitor, features included in the Charge. The Alta does offer a few new features, including activity reminders for when you go too long without any form of activity, and better capability to recognize specific activity, such as running or biking. Fitbit’s primary tracking app still continues to be one of the more in-depth apps available, complete with tracking stats, social media integration and a few extras for those that need to take fitness to the next level.

The Alta is a good option for those looking for a fashionable tracker, as the Alta’s band can be replaced, with options such as leather and metal (for an additional cost). On the contrary, the Alta may also appeal to those who want a more discrete tracker due to the thinness of the wrist band. When it comes to the tracking features, it’s a bit lacking compared to many similarly priced trackers, including those in Fitbit’s current arsenal.

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Fun Feature

The Alta has a smart display – when you flick your wrist to view it, it turns on by itself.

What we wish it had

A heart rate monitor – despite being a wider band, the Charge HR has a heart rate tracker and a similar price point.

Compatible with

Windows 7/8, Mac OS X, iPhone 4s and newer, Android phones with Bluetooth 4.0, some Windows phones

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