Understanding Your Data

“Data” refers to the information captured by your tracker as you go about your everyday life.  If you’re wearing an activity tracker, your data will include how many steps you walk daily, distance travelled, calories burned, your active versus sedentary minutes and in some cases, the quality and quantity of your sleep.  The raw data collected by the tracker is automatically sent to a website or app where it is analyzed and displayed in an easy-to-understand graph.

Your activity tracker data isn’t just a bunch of numbers and computer codes: It’s an invaluable source of information about YOU.  Data catches the hidden moments that have eluded us in the past, shining a bright light on our blind spots, providing us with greater insight about how our behavior  impacts all aspects of our lives.  Through this new self-knowledge, we can begin to implement positive change. Staying on top of our data can help integrate these good habits into our everyday lives.

Learning how to interpret and respond to your data in a timely way can set you on the path to optimal health and mental well-being.

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