Named invention of the year by Time, the Sleeptracker is watch-like device that you wear while you sleep. The watch tracks your sleep duration, sleep interruptions, light sleep and deep sleep. The tracker also wakes you up with a vibration, chime or both. You set when you need to get up and the window of time (e.g. 20 minutes) you are willing to be woken up beforehand. The tracker then wakes you up at the lightest sleep stage so you start your morning feeling refreshed. The Sleeptracker battery lasts 12 months and can be linked up to your computer to get a deeper view of your data on the Sleeptracker dashboard.

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Fun Feature

You can continue to wear the tracker as a watch throughout the day.

What we wish it had

A more seamless uploading and viewing of data on the computer dashboard.

Compatible with

Windows, Mac

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