Sleepbot is a smartphone app you place on your mattress and it tracks your movements and sounds. The app tells you your light sleep, deep sleep, duration and your sleep debt. During the night Sleepbot monitors how loud or quiet your environment is and records loud sounds so you can figure out what is keeping you up. By tracking your sleep cycle, Sleepbot’s alarm wakes you up at the optimal time when you are in the lightest stage of sleep. The makers at Sleepbot know that if you are tracking your sleep you may have a hard time falling asleep or staying awake. The app features a tips and tools section to help you with both such as a caffeine tracking and reminders to go to sleep.

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Fun Feature

SleepBot’s white noise feature helps you fall asleep.

What we wish it had

The duration of sleep is based on a self-reported start and stop feature but we wish is based on when the user actually falls asleep, rather than time in bed.

Compatible with

iPhone, Android

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