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Pacifica is an app designed to help give you greater control over your mental well-being by tracking and improving your state of mind. The app is divided into four primary areas: Relax, Meditations, Goals and Thoughts. The Relax activities focus on calming your mind through methods such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation. Meditation helps you to maintain better focus by improving your senses and observation skills. Goals and Thoughts use text inputs to allow you to keep a daily journal of things that cross your mind.

Pacifica also offers many secondary features that work in tandem with the four primary areas of focus. The most important is the community feature, which allows you to speak to others with similar improvement goals. You can also keep track of many health statistics, such as sleep, to see how they align with your current mood. The app also has a progress section, which will show your history of inputs and give a great visualization of improvement over time.

While the app itself is a free download, some features require a subscription of $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year. There is also a seven-day free trial built into the app if you wish to try the extra features before purchasing a subscription.

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Fun Feature

It’s difficult to find an app that appeals to the eye more than Pacifica – the calming sounds and clean presentation make it very easy to stick with the app.

What we wish it had

An activity that could test your new-found calmness.

Compatible with

iOS 6 and later; Android 4.0 and later

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