Happiness is a mood tracking app that helps you keep a journal, with entries limited to only 100 characters. The app starts out with one question, “How are you?”  and allows you to answer on a scale ranging from -5 to +5. Once you select an answer, Happiness asks you to describe what is influencing your mood. The app automatically records your location, the date and time. Next, you are asked to tag what is causing you to feel more or less happy (e.g. commute, Brian, listening to music). In the “Analysis” section, the app displays correlations between your tags and your happiness level, how often a tag was mentioned, what other tags were mentioned as well as a month-by-month breakdown. The “Journal” section allows you to review each day’s entries and see your mood and what influenced it.

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Fun Feature

If you get a new device, you won’t lose your data, you simply set up a restore link that puts your old data on your new phone

What we wish it had

A list of pre-determined and user-created mood influencing tags to select from when inputting your mood

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