When you open the gottaFeeling app you are asked how you are feeling and can select one of 10 broad categories, such as happy or angry. The app then gives you more words under that category, such as unfit, small or captivated,  so you can describe more specifically how you are feeling. After you have selected a feeling, you can tag who you were with (e.g. alone, friends, colleagues), where you were (e.g. gym, home work) and any notes you would like. In the “View Reports” section of the app, there are charts to visually display how you were feeling in increments of time (e.g. the past 7 days) and a map that shows your emotions at the different locations you have been.

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Fun Feature

The app has beautiful illustrations of different moods

What we wish it had

The ability to create your own tags rather than only the generic one’s available on the app

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