In Flow

In Flow helps you determine what affects your emotions and energy. When you log your mood, your feelings are represented on a face to indicate your energy level (tired to alert eyes) and your emotion (frown to a smile). You can then tag any of these relevant factors: your location (fueled by FourSquare), who you are with (connected to your phone’s contact list), notes, a picture and what activities you are doing (e.g. cooking, creating, chatting, checking email). If your friends use In Flow you can give hugs, high 5s or comment on their mood postings. Their “Best and Worst” section allows you to see which people, locations and activities are the best or worst for your mood.

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Fun Feature

The unique “Get a Tip” section gives you quick suggestions to help you improve your mood by suggesting who you should call, activities you should do or a place you should visit

What we wish it had

The ability to track passive data and combine it with our self-reported data to get a fuller picture of our mood

Compatible with

iPhone, Android

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