RunKeeper is a Boston-based company who aims to be the Facebook for fitness. The app uses your phone’s GPS to track your distance, pace, route and the calories you burn. While you run the app can give you progress updates through your headphones. RunKeeper provides structured fitness plans for 5K training and weight loss. This running app plays well with the majority of activity trackers like Fitbit and apps like MyFitnessPal. When you have ran your personal best distance or pace RunKeeper sends you a congratulatory email. The RunKeeper website allows you to dig deeper into your data and see your friends’ stream of activities.

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Fun Feature

See ducklings on your 3 mile jog? You can take a picture and tag it to your run through the app.

What we wish it had

More motivators or features to help people keep running in their lives.

Compatible with

iPhone, Android

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