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New-York-City-based Noom built a sleek pedometer app that leverages your phone’s accelerometer rather than the battery-draining GPS. In fact, Noom states it only uses 3% of your phone’s battery per day. You simply download the app, keep your phone with you and it tracks your steps while you go about your day. Noom is one of the more social pedometer apps, you see a stream of your friends’ walking activity and you can give them “high-fives” and write them notes of encouragement.

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Fun Feature

Each time you go for a walk you can post it on your activity stream with a note of what you were up to such as “took a walk to the new farmer’s market in Chelsea”.

What we wish it had

The data Noom collects is stored locally on your phone so if you change phones your data cannot be transferred; we wish there was a way to easily transfer this data to a new phone.

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