Quick Quiz: 10 Questions to a Healthier You

Have you ever joined a gym but just stopped going? Or started a fitness program but quit a few months into it? Your problem may be that you haven’t found the right motivational style for you. We call it your “personal stickiness factor.”  What’s yours? Take this short quiz to find out how to stay inspired and on track.

For each statement, please select the one that best describes you.

For questions 1-5, you’ll select either answer A or B.

For questions 6-10, you’ll select either answer C or D.

We will not share your personal information unless you choose to post it.

It is important to answer all questions to receive a result.

1. When I feel the need to "recharge,' I like to:

2. People who know me best would say:

3. Working with an exercise buddy, that is, someone with whom I could exercise with on a regular basis:

4. I would be more motivated to exercise:

5. It's more important to me:

6. I would be motivated by:

7. I would rather:

8. It would help boost my motivation to workout regularly if:

9. Getting attention for achieving a goal feels:

10. I would rather hear stories about: