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Tinke (pronounced “tink”) is the size of a small matchbox and it plugs in at the bottom of your phone to measure heart health. You place your thumb on the optical sensors and it detects changes in skin blood volume. These sensors translate that information into data on your respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, heart rate and heart rate variability. Fortunately, the app takes all these data points and delivers one score called “Vita” so you can quickly grasp how you are doing. To help with stress, the other score Tinke has is “Zen.” You watch one bubble expanding in and out at a rate you are comfortable with and the “Zen” score tells you your stress level. A unique touch is the “Science” section of the app that breaks down the meaning of each one of your heart metrics. Tinke’s presentation of the user’s data history is beautiful and easy to understand.

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Fun Feature

On the home screen you are given helpful health tips such as “Bananas give lots of vitamin C and dietary fiber, with no fat, cholesterol, or sodium”

What we wish it had

We wish it gave us reminders to take readings

Compatible with

iOS Lightning Connector ($119), iOS 30-Pin Connector ($119), Android BlueTooth ($129)

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