iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

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The sleek iHealth wireless blood pressure monitor is simple to set up and the data is easy to understand. Charge the device, download the app, sync your device and smartphone via bluetooth, put the cuff around your arm and start a reading via the app. You can view all your data (blood pressure and heart rate) on the app and you can go online to see data through iHealth’s website automatically. Your reading is categorized from the severity of hypertension to normal levels. The “Reminder” section of the app allows you to set reminders for not only taking your blood pressure reading but taking your medication, measuring your weight or exercising. iHealth has many other products outside of the wireless blood pressure monitor, like a wireless scale, a wrist-worn pedometer, a glucometer, ECG and a few other types of blood pressure readers.

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Fun Feature

There is a goal section where you can set a goal weight and track your progress

What we wish it had

The app itself could be a bit more aesthetically pleasing

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