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Are you willing to bet that you will accomplish your goals each week? If yes, then Pact might be the app for you. You can select from three goals, working out, food logging and eating veggies, and bet how many days each week you can complete this habit. If you miss a day, it could cost you $10, but if you hit your goal of, for example, working out three times in a week you can earn money from the people who fell short. Since money is on the line the checks and balances are pretty strict (e.g. for food logging you have to enter at least 1,200 calories and have three meals recorded in your MyFitnessPal app). You have to make sure you’re fastidious in fulfilling the requirements of making each goal count for that day. With that in mind, this can be a powerful tool in motivating you to accomplish your goals.

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Fun Feature

For the eating more veggies goal you take a picture of the food for the community to verify, and you as a user can verify foods for others.

What we wish it had

More habits beyond working out, logging calories and eating vegetables.

Compatible with

iPhone and Android

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