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Lift helps you turn healthy goals into habits. You select one of the many goals (e.g. flossing, lifting weights, etc.) and it leads you through an expert-created plan. You set how many times you want to perform your chosen activity per week and set reminders. You receive reminders as push notifications on your phone. For every step closer to completing a habit you receive new questions from the community related to it. For example, the Exercise goal has the question, ‘What is the best fitness advice you have ever received?’ You can answer the question and/or learn from other’s answers. There are easy-to-view weekly stats, a calendar view and the notes you have made on each goal.

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Fun Feature

All the answers to questions that you indicate were “helpful” are aggregated for later viewing in the “Helpful Answers” section of your profile.

What we wish it had

The ability to change the day you start your week.

Compatible with

iPhone and Android

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