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This minimalistic healthy habit app is easy to understand and makes it a breeze to get started. You tap the ‘+’ sign in the upper right hand corner and write in any habit you are trying to do more consistently. You then select either a specific days of the week you want to complete the habit, or intervals of once every 2 days, 3 days, once a month, etc, or a certain number of times each week. Lastly, you set what time you would like to be reminded each day, though, this is optional. As you complete a habit, you simple swipe across the goal to cross it out. Tapping on the habit reveals a calendar view with the highlighted days you completed the habit and stats to see how well you have been doing each week with a completion rate.

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Fun Feature

If you have completed the habit for that day, it won’t bother you with a reminder.

What we wish it had

Pre-populated habits to choose from.

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