Weight Watchers Simple Start

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Simple Start is a two week plan to help new Weight Watchers (WW) users or re-spark current users. To access the app, you have to become a paying WW member and sign-in with that member information. The Simple Start provides you a Food List you can eat from without worrying about portions or making sure you log every detail. Unlike other calorie tracking apps, the first thing you input is the reason you want to lose weight, rather than how much you want to lose. You are given pictures of yummy meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and indulgences, along with the recipe. You select which meal you had each day under the ‘My Progress’ tab, where your reason for losing weight is at the top. After the two week Simple Start app is over, you transition to the Weight Watchers Mobile app where you can track your daily points and exercise.

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Fun Feature

The ‘How It Works’ section provides tools and tips for eating healthier

What we wish it had

A quick grocery list generator after selecting meals

Compatible with

iPhone, Android

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