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MyNetDiary is a simple and clear calorie tracking app with a full home screen to view important data like calories from meals, exercise, remaining calories and current weight. You add food by simply selecting the meal, such as lunch or dinner, and adding each item either from a barcode scan, a search or picked from your favorites. When viewing your meals for the day, the app displays a ‘Day Nutrition Summary’ that breaks down the amount of fats, carbs, protein, etc., you have consumed. In the app, you can also capture progress photos so you can compare how your body is changing over time. A unique view MyNetDiary has is the ‘Daily Analysis’ which describes to you, in detail, how many calories you need to eat to ensure you lose the weight you want by a certain date. It will also tell you the rate you will lose weight if you continue to eat that many calories and your daily highlights, like “Congratulations: 0g of trans fat is less than 1% of your calories, reducing the risk of heart disease.”

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Fun Feature

You can track your hip, waist and neck size measurements

What we wish it had

A more intuitive way to select what units (e.g. ounce, gram, tbsp) you are using to measure the food amount

Compatible with

iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad

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