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GoMeals is certainly a well-designed app and is chock full of features that make food tracking easy. It has the traditional way of adding food by searching and selecting but you can also select a restaurant or grocery store to find exactly what you ate. The home screen clearly shows the number of calories you have consumed, how many you have left and a nutrition breakdown (e.g. 51% carbs, 29% protein). You have the ability to track and set goals for exercise but unlike other calorie tracking apps, the calories you burn are not added to the total calories you can eat in the day. The app is unique in that it has a prominent glucose tracking feature. The user can input their mg/dL and tag it as pre-dinner, post-exercise and other options.

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Fun Feature

Select ‘Restaurants’ at the bottom of the screen to find local restaurants and look at the calories of their food options

What we wish it had

We wish you could create weight loss goals, rather than just daily calorie intake, calorie burn and activity duration goals

Compatible with

iPhone, Android

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