Withings Smart Body Analyzer

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The sleek Smart Body Analyzer by Withings is one of the more souped-up connected scales on the market today. The scale tracks weight and body mass index (BMI), but it also has a sensor to measure your resting heart rate and percentage of body fat. As you become more fit, you might also lower your resting heart rate, so continually tracking your heart rate can be a great complementary data point. The scale can recognize up to eight different users and displays their name when they get on the scale. Through the app you can set up reminders, which can be delivered via push notifications through your phone. This device plays very well with others; there are over 100 apps and activity devices that you can connect to your Withings Smart Body Analyzer data.

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Fun Feature

The scale tracks air temperature and CO2 levels to reveal air quality.

What we wish it had

More educational or motivational messages on the app itself to encourage a healthy weight.

Compatible with

iPhone, Android, all popular web browsers

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