About Us

Wellocracy is a new initiative developed and run by Partners HealthCare Connected Health. Partners Connected Health was one of the first organizations in the world to use technology to deliver care outside of a hospital or doctor’s office. We brought connected health to life at leading hospitals and community health centers, including Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals in Boston. We created Wellocracy to help each of us use personal health technologies to self-manage our health, create and maintain individual wellness goals and achieve a greater quality of life. Partners Connected Health does not receive any support from, nor does it receive any benefit from, any of the manufacturers or companies identified on the site. We simply believed that there was not enough information and guidance on the web for this new revolution taking place, and wanted to fill that need.

Wellocracy’s mission is to inspire and empower individuals to self-manage their health and wellness with up-to-date information, expert guidance and innovative ideas to get the most out of personal health technologies. With insight and the right inspiration, we can learn from our own behaviors by harnessing simple technologies to engage in healthier lifestyles and activities. We believe that by integrating new health tools into daily life, we all have the ability to make positive changes and be more active. Wellocracy is focused on motivating each of us to be our best and healthiest selves.

As part of Partners HealthCare — founded by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, teaching affiliates of Harvard Medical School — we have access to some of the brightest, most innovative health care thought leaders, clinicians and researchers in the world.

Wellocracy taps in to these experts to bring the latest thinking, sound guidance and important information to help each of us select the right personal health technology to keep us on track so we can best manage our own health.

The man behind the vision for Wellocracy is Joe Kvedar, MD. He founded Partners Connected Health over 20 years ago, and coined the term ‘connected health.’ On any given day, he is wearing at least one activity tracker to monitor things like his step count and overall activity level. He recently observed that raking leaves in his yard on a fall New England day burned more calories than an hour riding his bike.

Dr. Kvedar also recently co-authored a book, Wellocracy: Move to a Great Body, with New York Times best-selling author, Carol Colman and Justin Mager, MD.

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  • Stay tuned for our special features, like our soon to be launched project for brides-to-be and the people who love them, “Say ‘Yes’ to the Tracker.”
  • Share your personal experiences and insights with trackers and apps.

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