ScottMain Wellocracy:  What kind of tracker(s) (device/app) are you using and when did you start wearing it?

  • Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor(CGM): March 2013
  • Ski Tracks app: December 2013
  • Glooko: April 2015
  • Moves App: June 2015
  • Fitbit: August 2015

Wellocracy: Why did you start using a tracker? Do you have specific health/wellness goals?

I am a Type 1 diabetic and I started tracking so I can better manage my condition. I use a Dexcom CGM to track my blood glucose levels, Fitbit and Moves to track exercise and Glooko to track and compare my glucose to insulin, carbs and exercise. My specific goal is to have a better understanding of how exercise and foods impact my blood sugar levels.

Additionally, I use an app called Ski Tracks. This app keeps track of what trails I ski, the number of miles, and the top speed I hit each day. I use this app for fun as it provides some cool analytics about my favorite sport.

Wellocracy: What did you learn about yourself by using a tracker?

I learned a few things about myself.

  • I walk over a mile a day just around my apartment…I still haven’t quite figured out how.
  • I eat a lot of Kind Bars.
  • Exercise usually lowers my blood sugar, but not always.
  • I typically ski 15-20 miles per day on a ski trip.
  • My all-time top skiing speed is 55 miles per hour.

Wellocracy: What do you like best about your tracker? What do you like least about it?

  • I just think tracking is cool! I love looking back at the past week and seeing how well (or poorly) I managed my diabetes or how many miles I walked. Being able to see the data helps me learn what worked and what didn’t.
  • My least favorite thing about my trackers is that you normally have to wear them! Specifically, the Dexcom CGM requires inserting a sensor into your body every week – ouch. It’s not a fun process. The apps I always have with me anyway, because they are on my mobile phone and they are painless.

Wellocracy: Do you share your data with family or friends?

I share my Dexcom CGM data with my doctor through Glooko as well as with my family through an app called Dexcom Follow. The Dexcom CGM is a Bluetooth enabled device that sends the data straight to my smartphone. The Dexcom Follow App alerts them if my blood sugar levels are significantly out of range.

Wellocracy: What advice would you give someone thinking about tracking or, do you have other thoughts you would like to share?

I think it’s important to have a goal and objective of why you want to track and what you would like to achieve. I track to manage my type 1 diabetes to help me understand my patterns and improve my choices. I track my skiing so I know what personal record I need to beat the next time I go out on the slopes!