OTWKimMainWellocracy: What kind of tracker(s) (device/app) are you using and when did you start wearing it?

Kim: I’ve been using the Garmin Vivofit 2 tracker since June 2015. I started with the Fitbit tracker in 2012 but it required constant recharging, so I took a break for a year or so. The last thing I needed at the time was another gadget to charge. Then a colleague mentioned that her Garmin only needed recharging once a year, and I was sold.

Wellocracy: Why did you start using a tracker? Do you have specific health/wellness goals?

Kim: I have a very long daily commute by car, and gym workouts just weren’t in the cards for me. I needed a flexible daily walking schedule to control my weight and help me to stay healthy. I just celebrated my 60th birthday, and I consider each of my daily walks to be small deposits into my personal wellness account!

Wellocracy: What did you learn about yourself by using a tracker?

Kim: I learned that simply wearing the tracker and checking my step count is what I need to motivate me. Maybe someday I’ll begin using some of the other available features, but for now the step count is sufficient.

Wellocracy: What do you like best about your tracker? What do you like least about it?

Kim: I like the fact that I don’t need to recharge my tracker regularly. I do wish the Garmin were a bit smaller, but if I’m dressing up I just take my tracker off.

OTWKim2Wellocracy: Do you share your data with family or friends?

Kim: My daughter introduced me to the world of trackers, and we often share our step counts. She uses a different type of tracker and her daily goal is higher than mine – but then she’s 31 years younger than me!

Wellocracy: What advice would you give someone thinking about tracking or, do you have other thoughts you would like to share?

Kim: Just that tracking is a really simple and convenient way to incentivize yourself to get moving!