Not quite ready to invest the $50 plus for a basic activity tracker, or the $100 price tag for a fancy one? If you own a smartphone, you can download an app that tracks activity for little or no money.

For absolutely free, download Human, a very simple app for iPhone that monitors daily outdoor activity with the goal of getting you to achieve your “Daily 30.” It doesn’t count steps, but tracks outdoor activities like walking, running and biking. It also keeps a log of your daily activity for future reference. The sign up is very easy, and the information it provides is basic. As with most other smartphone trackers, it can gobble up a lot of battery power, so you may need to charge your phone more often.

For $2.99, try Moves, an app for iPhone and Android that provides more detailed information, like steps walked, distance, duration and calories burned for each activity. Moves also tracks activities like walking, running and cycling, and provides a timeline that incorporates your activity with location, or as the developer describes puts it, “an automatic diary of your life.”

Yet another option: Noom Walk: Pedometer for iPhone and Android that’s free and easy to use. It’s an automatic step counter that the developer claims won’t drain your battery as much as other apps. With any of these smartphone trackers, you have to carry your phone with you or the tracker can’t track you!