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On Track With… Michele

Name: Michele
Occupation: ER Nurse
Tracking since: July 2013

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Wellocracy: What kind of tracker(s) (device/app) are you using and when did you start wearing it?

Michele: I started wearing the Fitbit One tracker in July 2013 and began faithfully wearing it from then on.Michele1_Wellocracy

Wellocracy: Why did you start using a tracker? Do you have specific health/wellness goals?

Michele: I had a specific goal for wearing my Fitbit One which was weight loss, and then my good friend subsequently was grieving from a broken marriage and we both motivated each other. We woke at the “crack” of dawn, which for us was 4:30 – we felt that by challenging ourselves this early we were guaranteeing a goal of once a day completing our goals – mine 10,000 steps and Julie’s de-stressing. We became each other’s support system. We still are. She has survived her divorce and I have maintained my weight loss.

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