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It’s Not About the Calories

In the era of Quantified Self and chronic dieting, using food and calorie apps to count calories down to the tiniest morsel has become a national pastime. But if you think that obsessively focusing on calories is the road to better health, you’re missing the bigger story, according to Ashley Koff, RD.  “The key thing […]

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Shaking Off a Bad Mood

Do you wake up on the “wrong side of the bed” more mornings than not? Have your family or friends told you that you seem more tense or irritable than usual? Do you feel that you’re locked in a bad mood and don’t know why? Sometimes a bad mood is a natural reaction to extreme […]

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Not Losing Weight? Time to Experiment!

You and your best friend go on a popular diet to shed those 20 extra pounds that have piled on since your college days. You do everything right: You even invest in an activity tracker and smart scale. Within two months, you are both 10 pounds lighter. But soon, you start to regain the weight, […]

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On Track With...

What and how real people are tracking

Name: Clare
Occupation: Graduate Student, Public Health
Tracking since: September 2013

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colombia 2 for wellocracyWellocracy:  What kind of tracker(s) (device/app) are you using and when did you start wearing it?

Clare: I first started with a very simple pedometer in 2011. I enjoyed it at first but it really wasn’t user-friendly. I didn’t have a smartphone at the time and there was no app anyway, so I always had to go to the website to check my steps, which got annoying. And the pedometer itself didn’t give any feedback/have any visuals. In spring 2013, I started using MapMyRun when I ran. And then that fall, I was asked to try out the Fitbit Force and fell in love.

Wellocracy: Why did you start using a tracker? Do you have specific health/wellness goals?

Clare: When I tried out that first pedometer, I was just curious. I tried out MapMyRun because I was training for a Spartan race and wanted to track my progress. I didn’t have a specific goal when I started using the Fitbit Force, but soon after trying it and becoming hooked, it wasn’t so much about goals as it was lifestyle. I was finally at a point where fitness was an important part of my everyday life and my tracker helped me maintain that status quo.

Wellocracy: What did you learn about yourself by using a tracker? Read More…

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