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Not Losing Weight? Time to Experiment!

You and your best friend go on a popular diet to shed those 20 extra pounds that have piled on since your college days. You do everything right: You even invest in an activity tracker and smart scale. Within two months, you are both 10 pounds lighter. But soon, you start to regain the weight, […]

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Find the Right Gym to Stay Motivated

You live in Brookline and are looking for an early morning barre class near your home that meets on weekends, but you also want to locate a Pilates class close to your downtown Boston office that meets during lunch time. Bored to death with your yoga class and want to try gyrotonics or kickboxing? Or […]

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On Track With…

On Track With… Roger Feinstein, Director of Marketing and Market Research, Partners HealthCare Feinstein started wearing a Fitbit Flex late November 2013. In addition to making a conscious effort to increase his physical activity, Feinstein simultaneously went on a carbohydrate-restricted diet and lost a substantial amount of weight. Below, he tells us a bit about his […]

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Is Your Body Clock Working For or Against You?

Picture this: You’re about to be offered the job of your dreams.  As your prospective boss welcomes you to your new company, she adds, “And of course, we’d want you to attend our daily staff meeting — it’s at 7:30 am in the conference room.” At which point, you quickly reply, “Oh, sorry, that won’t […]

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A Prescription for Lifestyle Change

All winter, you vowed that as soon as the snow and ice melted, you’d make a point to get more exercise. Come the warm weather, you’d take long walks after dinner, jog on the weekends, and even ride your bike to work instead of driving on nice days. But now that it’s spring, you can’t […]

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