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Is Stress Hurting Your Health?

What does the word “stress” mean to you? Is it an impossible work deadline? An infant that fusses all night when all you want to do is sleep? Or coping with a difficult boss, an uncooperative spouse or a chronic health problem? There are so many different ways to experience stress that it’s hard to […]

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A Fit Bottomed Girl Offers Tips on Staying Motivated

To many people, the term “healthy lifestyle” is synonymous with depriving yourself of foods you love, forcing yourself to do workouts that you loathe and constantly having to resist temptation. “There’s no way to get healthy if you hate your life,” notes Jennipher Walters, a certified trainer, health coach and fitness specialist. In May 2008, […]

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Relaxed and Resilient: Your Brain on Meditation

You’ve been sitting in traffic for what seems like an eternity. Your stomach is tied in knots — your mind is racing. You’re panicking about missing your morning meeting. It’s not even 8 am, and you’re already feeling like a nervous wreck!  You may be stuck in a 21st century traffic jam, but you’re responding […]

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Tracking Tips from a Top Trainer

  When you first got your activity tracker, you wore it every day. Now that it’s been a few months, you find yourself taking days off — especially during times when you worry about achieving your step or activity goals. But that’s exactly the time when you should be wearing your tracker, according to Amie […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Food and Calorie App

You’re ready to retire the paper food diary for a food or calorie app. Or maybe you’ve tried one or two apps already, but aren’t getting the results that you want. As with most other worthwhile endeavors, there’s a bit of a learning curve when you first download an app — for both you and […]

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